Michelle Carr Marketing Solutions

Michelle Carr Marketing Solutions offers comprehensive marketing services for small businesses. From WordPress design to SEO strategies, Michelle Carr Marketing Solutions can help your small business thrive in a highly competitive digital market and set your business apart from your competition. With over 5 years of experience in marketing, writing, and graphic design, Michelle offers affordable freelance options for writing blogs or newsletters, designing flyers or brochures, or updating websites!

About Michelle Carr

Michelle Carr Marketing Solutions

Michelle Carr is a Houston based marketing professional that specializes in a diverse set of disciplines including  marketing, project management, design development, and consulting. Michelle Carr is an innovative powerhouse that fuses artistic vision, progressive IT knowledge, and strategic business solutions to excel as a star performer. Going beyond the traditional roles and responsibilities enables Michelle Carr to engage and monitor in every facet of a project to deliver results.

Michelle Carr is an active member at Second Baptist Church, a Baylor University alumni, and a volunteer for various Houston organizations.

Freelance Projects

Michelle Carr Marketing Solutions offers affordable freelance options for blogging, digital newsletters, flyers, posters, brochures, and website maintenance. No project is too small. Contact Michelle Carr for details.

Created The Town of Bowling Green Harvest Festival Poster

Harvest Fest

Created a series of influencer marketing blog posts for Momentum Volkswagen of Upper Kirby.

3 Days in Fredericksburg

Created a social media marketing video for Sensia Studio & Japanese Day Spa
for their Dress for Success Beauty Makeover.

Photographed 14 interior rooms for Rose Hill Manor’s new website.


To see the samples from the full photo session, click here.

Created a series of travel guides for Rose Hill Manor Bed and Breakfast.
Here are a couple of examples.

Rose Hill Manor 5 Day Food & Wine Travel Guide

Rose Hill Manor 5 Day Arts and Music Travel Guide